Classic Reversal Pattern

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Here is an example of a reversal pattern with the complete methodology Think of this trade as an “If-Then”. Weekly charts are used for the big picture. Trend, overbought/oversold and near support and resistance levels Daily is the trade signal … Read More

What is NOT tradeable?

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One of the many secrets of trading is to find a something that is liquid and matches your time frame and risk tolerance. There are Forex pairs that require huge accounts and guts of steel to trade the, becuase they … Read More

EURAUD short trade

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Here is the rational for this trade: The weekly has formed a double top with a nice short dynamic zone to the downside There is a divergence between the the MACD BB and price There are two short Dynamic Zones … Read More

EUR AUD Potential short

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This is a potential trade as price has not closed into the trade area yet. There are two consecutive areas of Dynamic short Zones on the daily charts starting at 1.6180 +/- We have a divergence on the both the … Read More

AUD USD Short Trade

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We have a potential short on the daily time frame of the AUD/USD pair. The weekly is still in a down trend The daily is showing a potential short setup with a greater than 1:1 reward risk ratio Price would … Read More