Week of 4/3/2017

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Hello Campers!

New week, new opportunities.


Weekly: Up against a major high from 2013,

Daily: http://alertfx.com/Alerts/Edit/410934

4 hour: Nothing

Alert: Risk to reward appears off on the daily trade.


Weekly:  Great long term short with a close under 84

Daily : No Pattern

4 Hour: Entering into a short below 84.90

1 Hour: Potential double bottom at 85.125 with a target at 85. Make sure there is a close above 85




Weekly: Showing signs of a close below a Dynamic Level into a good short area.

Daily: Lower lows and lower highs with a close below 112.236

4 Hour: Showing signs of a short term pull back

Recommendation: Short below 110.4 with a target 106.7 and a stop at 115.65


Watch the Dynamic level at 107 on the weekly as a potential pullback area.



Weekly: Showing signs of a bottom or the beginning of congestion

Daily: Higher Highs and Lows

4 Hour: Long trade Entry above 1.400, 1st Target 1.4128, 2nd target 1.423

Alert: We are trading against the daily trend indicator.

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